Sales & Production Allocation


Where oil & gas is sold by multiple owners to multiple buyers, agreements are made to define the allocation of sales and production is allocated to a field, well and petroleum reporting (PRT) level. The situations is complicated still further by commingling the production in shared pipelines, tankers FPSO and separators. This software allows the field operator to allocate sales to owners/partners and production to wells.

Sales Allocation


Production Allocation

Partner Nominations

Well testing

Sales Allocation and Attribution

Well flow calculation (drawdown curves)

Tracking of Exports

Back allocation to wells

Daily Allocation Statements

PRT and field level accumulation

Pipeline Carriage Reporting

Allocation Factors

Gas Trading

Losses / Utilities


Pipeline stock


Mass Balance

Management Information

Gas / Condensate / Water ad Oil


Management Information

Automatic data gathering and tracking of exports, viewed live by the report viewer.
Interfacing with Metering Systems, Process Control Systems and Metering Databases
Checks data from other parties
Produce Daily Allocation Statements from acquired and entered data
Reports issued to multiple parties via fax, Email
Log of transmittals with each contractual output having a unique reference number.
Lists of destinations are easily maintainable within the system.
Reports can be downloaded to a remote SQL database (typically Oracle)
Events and invalid data can be alarmed and accepted
System Manager Reports show inputs, outputs and intermediate data for calculations.

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