Metering Database


The Metering Database is a software package which runs on standard IBM compatible PCs. It replaces databases which use expensive proprietary hardware and software, and provides equivalent facilities in a more flexible way. The PC screen and keyboard are used to monitor and control the database, and the facilities are also available remotely using an Ethernet network or dial-up connection. The database can interface with different types of flow computer and chromatograph.

Data gathering from multiple flow meters, flow computers and chromatographs
Data processing, totalisation, averaging, normalisation and alarms.
Reports regularly and on demand
Monitors flow meters, flow computers and chromatograph alarms and diagnostics
Alarm, Event and Reports on screen, disk and optionally on printer
Structured menus and screen pages for data display and entry
Password Protected Access
Standard PC hardware and Windows NT software to keep costs low
Can be configured by end user to add new streams or fields
Remote operation and maintenance via network or dial-up connection
Multiple databases at different sites can be integrated into one system
Metering data can be acquired from a other, non , Metering Databases.
Inputs simulated on meter failure.
Flow weighted averaging can be carried out on metering data as it is acquired.
Remote viewing of metering equipment on terminal emulation over the network.

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