Nomination is the process of accepting orders for gas where more than one buyer or partner have claim to a shared resource of gas. An agreement between the partners determines how the gas can be nominated. The PSACS system implements these agreements into a trading system to handle nominations as they are processed by the operator. To introduce the main elements of PSACS a typical day using PSACS is reviewed below.

Before the Day


The Menu Handler is used to select the tasks to be carried out, in a logical order.


The Weekly Nomination Entry facility is used to enter a weeks nominations in advance. Multiple fields, nominators and nomination requirements are handled.


Having entered and processed the weeks nominations, any aggregated nominations can be sent by fax or Email as a Pipeline Carriage Report.


The Data Editor is used to make manual entries / configuration changes. For daily data entered manually, fixed defaults can be used, or the previous day's data can be carried through.


During the Day


Through out the day, Export Tracking continues automatically, the results of this can be viewed live using the Report Viewer.


The Nomination Entry Facility can be used in its daily mode to enter re-nominations as they occur. Modified aggregated nominations can then be issued.


The VT320 Module can be used to interface with standard metering equipment at any PC on the network. If the Metering Database (MDB) is used then its user interface is available to authorised users at any PC on the system.


End Of Day


Check data from other parties using the File Selector or Data Editor


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