CV Wobbe Trending Pipeline Predictor


Due to the long distances involved, gas may take several days to travel along a pipeline from the platform to the terminal. The CV, Wobbe and flow rate are generally measured at the platform but once inside the pipeline the operator must predict what CV will arrive at the terminal and when. This is particularly important for handling nominations from buyers and allocating gas to partners when the gas trading is in Energy and not volume.

The Trend Predictor runs on a PC, picks up the data from your corporate network, instrument database or directly from the measuring instruments and helps the operator forecast the CV and Wobbe of the gas arriving at the terminal.

CV and Wobbe and flow rate at platform

CV and Wobbe and flow rate at terminal

Last 5 days trend of gas in pipeline

Excel compatible chart data for further processing and analysis

Communicates with Metering Databases

Flow weighted average

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