Data Communications Network


Ocean Technical Systems provide data communications software and services in the North Sea as part of their Production and Sales Allocation Computer System. The pipeline and FPSO data services such as PSACS, Metering Database, Data Acquisition, PPRS are on a number of oil and gas field developments. Many of these fall into the two multi-field developments of the Thames Pipeline System and Tyne and Trent. A diagram showing these appears below. It comprises Data Acquisition Computers on the production platforms, Export Tracking Computers in the onshore control room and an Allocation Reporting Computer in the onshore office.

The communication data passes between these computers and to various third party computer systems, process control system, metering equipment, metering database, network printer, modem, Fax and Email. The link between platform and shore is over the corporate WAN and LAN, which includes a satellite link for Tyne & Trent and a microwave link for Thames. The communication programs run under Windows NT and are written in C or Visual Basic. The client / server design used throughout the software, as well as the use of OLE and Remote Automation make communication and distribution of tasks over the network simple.

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